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Author Widget WordPress Plugin

Author widget WordPress plugin is a simple and handy way to display an author’s biographical information and full name on a blog or website. You can decide if you want to show the widget only for blog posts or other pages. It can also be configured to show only if a particular condition is met. To use the author widget, simply install the plugin and configure the settings of the shortcode builder. This plugin makes it very easy to integrate author bios into your website or blog. Visit here malluwapnews to get the world best news around the world.

To install an author widget, you must first install a plugin for WordPress. Then, install the required code. In most cases, you can use the default WordPress admin panel. To activate the plugin, you need to install the free trial version of the plugin. Once installed, you can start using it. The author bio will show the latest posts of the author. In addition, the widget will display a link to the author’s social profiles.

Modern Multiple Author Widget WordPress plugin is a great option for displaying the names and avatars of your website’s authors. It also includes a live preview and documentation file. The plugin is available for $15 with six months of client support, or regular licenses. There are many options to customize the author widget, including the setting of the number of authors to display. Once you’ve added it, you can also add it to any WordPress theme and customize its appearance. You can also get online news from alltimesmagazine.

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