Singapore Chief Revenue Officer Salary

The average gross salary of a chief revenue officer (CRO) in Singapore is $198,543, or about $95.50 per hour. This salary estimate includes bonuses of up to $50,370. Salary estimates are based on survey data from employers in Singapore. The salary ranges from an entry-level of $135,440 to a senior-level of $251,618. In Singapore, the salary potential for CROs is expected to increase by 16 percent over five years.

While the salary for a Chief Revenue Officer is comparable to that of a VP of Sales, the responsibilities of this role are considerably more demanding. As a member of senior management, the CRO is responsible for driving sales and new business growth for the organization. However, the role itself is quite different. For example, the role may be described as “COO,” but it has much greater responsibility. This position requires a strong leadership style and a good understanding of customer behavior.

In addition to their responsibility for managing the revenue side of an organization, CROs may act as thought leaders for the sales industry. They may participate in panel discussions at conferences and present their insights via webinars and podcasts. During presentations, they may represent their companies and use connections made during these events to extend their company’s reach. Chief revenue officers do not typically receive performance-based additional compensation or profit-sharing. The average salary for a CRO is $238,972 per year.

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