Traffic Rules and Regulations PDF

In India, Traffic Rules and Regulations are a set of guidelines that govern the behavior of drivers on city roads. The rules and regulations are based on the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, and are enforced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. These rules and regulations are designed keeping in mind the lifestyles and interests of Indian citizens. To understand these laws in detail, click on the links below. Once you’ve found the traffic rules and regulations pdf that interest you, download it and keep it safe and secure.

Roadway: The section of a street that is exclusive of shoulders, is designated for vehicular traffic. Roadway rotary-traffic: The movement of vehicles around an object or structure in a counterclockwise direction. Safety zones: The pavement on the sides of the road is clearly marked for pedestrians. There are signs and lines that indicate crosswalks. When you pass through one, you should walk in the direction that is indicated by the markings.

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