What Determines the Android App Development Cost?

Depending on the level of expertise of the programmers, the Android app development cost can range from $800 to $5,000. There are also graphic design costs to be considered. In the initial stages of an Android app development project, the IT specialists will create a preliminary estimate for you. These preliminary estimates are educated guesses, specifying the lowest and highest possible costs as well as the volume of work involved. Usually, the initial estimate is done twice.

The cost of Android app development depends on the complexity of the task and the time needed to complete it. Android apps can be classified by level of design and set of functions. A simple application can be created in 300 hours, a medium application takes 400-600 hours, and a complex app will require more than six hundred hours. This range of costs reflects the complexity of the tasks involved in developing the app. The cost of the app development also varies greatly depending on the complexity.

Another factor that determines the cost of Android app development is the number of users the application is designed to serve. Social networking apps are a good example of high-volume, complex Android apps. But if you’re looking for a simple application, you may be better off with something simpler. After all, who doesn’t want a social network application? A social network app can be as simple or as complex as it needs to be, as long as the users have a connection with the application.

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